13th ESSKA 2000 Congress - May 21-24, 2008 : Porto / Portugal

Lunch Workshops

Thursday May 22, 2008, 12:30 - 13:30 h

LW 16

Company Arthrex Medizinische Instrumente GmbH Arthrex Medizinische Instrumente GmbH
Title Arthroscopic Double-Bundle ACL Reconstruction
Speaker Andreas B. Imhoff (Germany)
Title Arthroscopic Tibial Inlay Technique in PCL-Reconstruction
Speaker Karl P. Benedetto (Austria)
Title All-Inside ACL Reconstruction
Speaker Andrew Unwin (UK)
Title Aperture Double Bundle MPFL Reconstruction
Speaker Philip B. Schöttle (Germany)
Title Meniscal Cinch - A New All-Inside Meniscal Repair Implant
Speaker Markus Kowarsch (Germany)
Room Area I

LW 17

Company ArthroCare Sports Medicine (gold sponsor) ArthroCare Sports Medicine
Title Instability and Anterior Stabilisation using LabraFix™
Subtitle LabraLock P: Innovative Knotless Instability Repair
Speaker Jens Agneskirchner (Germany)
Subtitle Tips & Tricks for Knotless Instability Repair with LabraFix™
Speaker Chris Sinopidis (UK)
Subtitle Intra Operative Strategy in Arthroscopic Treatment of Instability
Speaker Pascal Gleyze (France )
Room Despachantes Hall

LW 18

Title Oxford Partial Knee
Speakers David Murray (UK), Chris Dodd (UK), Andrew Price (UK)
Room Arrabida

LW 19

Company ConMed Linvatec Europe ConMed Linvatec Europe
Title Shoulder Arthroscopy
(practice on arthroscopic shoulder models)
Speakers Alex Castagna (Italy)
Guiseppe Porcellini (Italy)
Room Room I

LW 20

Company DePuy International Ltd. DePuy International Ltd.
Title Complete Orthopaedic Solutions for Todays Patient
Speakers David Stuart Barrett, UK
R. Morgan-Jones, UK
A. Mullaji, India
Room S. Joao

LW 22

Company Geistlich Pharma AG Geistlich Pharma AG
Title Modern Biological Cartilage Repair Methods
Speaker Matthias Steinwachs (Switzerland)
Room Miragaia

LW 23

Company Genzyme GmbH Genzyme GmbH
Title MACI Workshop: Assuring Quality Cartilage Repair – Production to Patient
Speaker Mats Brittberg (Sweden)
Room Auditorium

LW 24

Company Karl Storz GmbH (bronze sponsor) Karl Storz GmbH
Title Hip Arthroscopy - Operative Technique and Indications
Speaker Michael Dienst (Germany)
Room D. Maria

LW 25

Company Karl Storz GmbH (bronze sponsor) Karl Storz GmbH
Title Anatomic and biomechanic rational for anatomic double bundle reconstruction
Speaker Wolf Petersen (Germany)
Title Surgical technique for anatomic double bundle reconstruction and clinical results
Speaker Thore Zantop (Germany)
Room Porto

LW 26

Company Smith & Nephew, Inc. (diamond sponsor) Smith & Nephew, Inc.
Title Innovation in Hip Arthroscopy
Speaker Marc Philippon (USA), Thomas Byrd (USA), Victor Ilizaliturri (Mexico)
Room Infante

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