15th ESSKA Congress
May 2-5, 2012, Geneva

Poster P13 Spine, P14 Shoulder

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The deadline for submission was October 10, 2011. Notification about the results of the abstract review process will be sent out to the e-mail address of the submitter by the end of January 2012.

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P13 Spine

P13-96 Scoliosis in immature athletes
Massada Marta (Portugal), Pereira A., Sousa R., Massada L.
P13-620 The prevalence of low back pain among former elite cross-country skiers, rowers, orienteerers and nonathletes – a 10-year cohort study
Foss Ida Stange (Norway), Holme I., Bahr R.
P13-1163 Transversus abdominis performance with rehabilitative ultrasound imaging feedback
Almeida Isabel (Portugal), Matias R.
P13-1344 The impact of working length of occipital screws on the pullout resistance of the screw-plate construct. A biomechanical cadaver study
von Keudell A. (United States), Korn G., Mayer M., Resch H., Zenner Juliane, Koller H.

P14 Shoulder

P14-110 Autoclaved frozen femoral head allograft bone grafting for large bone defects – A review of its cost-effectiveness
Seng C. (Singapore), Chin P., Chia S., Lo N., Yeo S.
P14-130 Arthroscopically assisted Latarjet – Lafosse procedure: how to make it easier in lateral decubitus position through 3 standard portals
Belopolsky Alissa (Russian Federation), Milenin O.
P14-238 Arthroscopic rotator cuff repair: Single to double row
Fiodorovas M. (Lithuania)
P14-308 Arthroscopic bone block augmentation of the anterior glenoid without violating the subscapularis tendon: a cadaveric study
Verborgt O. (Belgium), Van den Bogaert G., Debeer P.
P14-403 Clinical outcomes of arthroscopic repair of massive cuff tears. Comparative study of immobile vs mobile
Randelli P. (Italy), Zottarelli L., Fossati Chiara, Arrigoni P., Ragone Vincenza
P14-406 Biological approach to Bankart repair: A prospective study
Randelli P. (Italy), Spennacchio P., Aliprandi A., Ragone Vincenza, Cabitza P.
P14-501 A preliminary prospective study of the use of ultrasound in the arthroscopic debridement of calcific rotator cuff tendinitis
Sabeti M. (Austria), Schmidt M., Schueller-Weidekamm Claudia, Nemecek Elena
P14-525 Clinical outcomes of arthroscopic subscapularis repair
Verma N. (United States), Lin E., Van Thiel G., Nicholson G., Cole B., Romeo A.
P14-669 Can we improve the reliability of the Constant-Murley score?
Blonna D. (Italy), Tellini Alessandra, Bonasia D., Rossi R., Michele S., Castoldi F.
P14-836 Arthroscopic Bankart reconstruction improves EQ-5D index and reduces the bone mineral areal mass in the calcanei
Ejerhed L. (Sweden), Elmlund Anna Ostberg, Kartus J.
P14-907 Augmentation of suture anchor fixation with polymethylmethacrylate bone cement
Seo H. (South Korea (ROK)), Lee S.
P14-923 Arthroscopic single or double row repair of isolated full thickness SSP tear – prospective results after 24 months
Heikenfeld R. (Germany), Listringhaus R., Godolias G.
P14-938 Anatomic tunnel positioning in AC joint repair using tendon grafts results in increased stability of graft fixation
Beitzel K. (Germany), Geaney Lauren, Apostolakos J., Cote M., Arciero R., Mazzocca A.
P14-971 Arthroscopic management of proximal humerus malunion with tuberoplasty and rotator cuff re-tensioning
Lädermann A. (Switzerland), Denard P., Burkhart S.
P14-982 Acromioclavicular joint reconstruction: A comparative biomechanical study of three techniques
Lädermann A. (Switzerland), Hoffmeyer P., Stimec B., Fasel J.
P14-988 An Innovative method of shoulder strength assessment
Lädermann A. (Switzerland), Collin P.
P14-1125 All-arthroscopic double bundle coracoclavicular ligament reconstruction using autogenous semitendinosus graft. A series of eighteen cases with a new technique
Ranne J. (Finland), Sarimo J., Orava S.
P14-1187 Arthroscopically assisted repair of acute grade III-V acromioclavicular joint dislocations
Sarasquete J. (Spain), Bruno L., Abat F., Alvarez C., Vidal A., Proubasta I.
P14-1319 Arthroscopic management of posterior shoulder instability
Antonogiannakis M. (Greece), Mataragas E., Tsiampa V., Arealis G., Tzanakakis N., Andriopoulou Maria
P14-1443 A musculoskeletal model of the shoulder capable of informing clinical decision-making.
Matias R. (Portugal), Seth A., Veloso A.
P14-1466 Can PEMFs reduce postoperative pain and capsulitis occurrence after arthroscopic rotator cuff repair? A prospective, randomized study
Osti L. (Italy), Papalia R., Del Buono A., Maffulli N., Denaro V.
P14-1490 Biomechanics of a new technique for minimal-invasive coracoclavicular ligament reconstruction in chronic acromioclavicular joint instability
Schliemann B. (Germany), Lenschow S., Herbort M., Raschke M.

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