15th ESSKA Congress
May 2-5, 2012, Geneva

Poster P15 Shoulder

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The deadline for submission was October 10, 2011. Notification about the results of the abstract review process will be sent out to the e-mail address of the submitter by the end of January 2012.

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P15 Shoulder

P15-53 Comparison of active and passive measurements of shoulder proprioception in healty individual
Unal M. (Turkey), Dilek Banu, Gulbahar Selmin, Akalin Elif, Akseki D., Pinar H.
P15-112 Suspensory fixation for intraosseus arthroscopic long head biceps tenodesis. Preliminary results
Camacho Chacón J. (Spain), Calvo Diaz A., Roche Albero A., Ferrer Peiron Sofia, Badiola Vargas Jara
P15-115 Functional results and anatomic control of an arthroscopic repair technique of large and massive rotator cuff tears by a side-by-side suture
Rousseau T. (France), Bertiaux S., Courage O., Roussignol X., Duparc F., Dujardin F.
P15-153 The use of a pre-operative Botulinum Toxin injection in arthroscopic rotator cuff repair. A five year clinical follow up study
Van der Bracht H. (Belgium), van Rooyen K., Huijsmans P., de Beer J.
P15-181 Evaluation of the diagnostic accuracy of preoperative MR arthrography for the subscapularis tendon tears
Sano T. (Japan), Matsuoka H., Nakayama K., Saji T.
P15-184 Technique and outcomes of endoscopic scapulothoracic bursectomy and partial scapulectomy
Van der Meijden O. (United States), Gaskill T., Horan Marilee, Millett P.
P15-237 Transosseus rotator cuff repair
Fiodorovas M. (Lithuania)
P15-266 Reliability of the geometric classification of rotator cuff tears based on magnetic resonance arthrography
van der Zwaal P. (Netherlands), Thomassen Bregje, Urlings T., de Rooij T., Swen J., van Arkel E.
P15-294 Comparison of glenohumeral contact pressures and contact area after glenoid reconstruction with Latarjet or distal tibial osteochondral allograft
Verma N. (United States), Bhatia S., Van Thiel G., Gupta Deepti, Shewman Elizabeth, Romeo A., Bach B.
P15-309 Posterior capsulorraphy in addition to arthroscopic Bankart repair for instability without bone loss
Verborgt O. (Belgium), Vanhees M., van Riet R., Janssen N., Declercq G.
P15-311 Standard or decelerated rehabilitation following arthroscopic rotator cuff repair: a randomized, prospective study
Verborgt O. (Belgium), Defoort Saartje, Cools Ann M., Van den Bogaert G.
P15-374 Refixation of the supraspinatus tendon in the rat model – Influence of continuous G-CSF application via phospho-lipid gel on tendon structure and biomechanical properties
Buchmann S. (Switzerland), Walz L., Reichel T., Beitzel K., Winter G., Imhoff A.
P15-405 Long term quality of life in patients treated for massive retracted immobile cuff tears
Randelli P. (Italy), Zottarelli L., Fossati Chiara, Arrigoni P., Ragone Vincenza
P15-425 Isokinetic testing in patients with rotator cuff rupture
Höfling Imke (Finland), Thorwesten L., Väätäinen U., Sipola P., Niemitukia Lea, Kröger H.
P15-427 Pre-operative isokinetic testing does not predict long-term outcome of surgery in patients with rotator cuff rupture
Höfling Imke (Finland), Thorwesten L., Väätäinen U., Sipola P., Niemitukia Lea, Kröger H.
P15-451 The influence of ultrasound-guidance in the rate of success of acromioclavicular joint injection
Borbas P. (Austria), Kraus Tanja, Clement H., Grechenig W., Weinberg Annelie Martina, Heidari N.
P15-460 Primary stability of a new ultrasound assisted suture anchor system for rotator cuff reconstruction in comparison to the primary stability an established benchmark suture anchor system in osteopenic and
healthy human humeri
Mayer J. (Germany) , Gülecyüz M., Pietschmann M., Schröder C., Müller P.
P15-467 The clinical and radiographical results of reverse total shoulder arthroplasty with eccentric glenosphere
Mizuno Naoko (Japan), Walch G.
P15-531 The feasibility and results of arthroscopic removal of proximal humeral locking plates and glenohumeral arthrolysis after proximal humeral fractures
Maqdes A. (France), Levy B., Bauer T., Hardy P.
P15-558 Margin convergence revisit: arthroscopic partial repair of irreparable large to massive rotator cuff tears
Chun Y. (South Korea (ROK)), Kim S.
P15-572 Evaluation of arthroscopic subacromial decompression using a 2-portal technique
Marican M. (Singapore), Lim L., Tan A.
P15-579 Locked plate fixation of proximal humerus fractures with and without the medial humeral calcar: a biomechanical evaluation
Safran M. (United States), Abrams G., Lindsey D., Cheung E., Giori N.
P15-599 Outcome of a partial cap resurfacing implant for humeral head defects in patients with shoulder instability
Frisch N. (United States), Kodali P., Miniaci A., Jones M.
P15-681 The applicability of rigid intramedullary devices for clavicle midshaft fractures fracture fixation
Kamineni S. (United States), Bachoura A.
P15-701 Predictors of success of nonoperative treatment for full-thickness rotator cuff tears: a multicenter cohort study
Dunn W. (United States), Kuhn J.
P15-757 Injury of the suprascapular nerve during Latarjet procedure: an anatomic study
Lädermann A. (Switzerland), Denard P., Burkhart S.
P15-780 Retrospective comparison of arthroscopic, mini-open and open rotator cuff repair by clinical, radiological and biomechanical measures
Lubiatowski P. (Poland), Kaczmarek P., Ogrodowicz P., Breborowicz M., Dzianach M., Romanowski L.
P15-833 Single row vs. double row arthroscopic rotator cuff repair: Clinical and 3 Tesla MR arthrography results: A retrospective study
Bisicchia S. (Italy), Tudisco C., Savarese E., Fiori R., Bartolucci D., Masala S.
P15-840 Real-time sonoelastography of the rotator cuff
Bisicchia S. (Italy), Tudisco C., Stefanini M., Antonicoli M., Simonetti G.
P15-871 Subscapularis tear, its modified lafosse classification and its arthroscopic repair
Sharma V. (India), Babhulkar A.
P15-900 The possibility of supraspinatus and infraspinatus separation and suture in cases of massive rotator cuff tears
Komatsu T. (Japan), Hayashi Y., Takeda O., Akita M., Iwasaki T., Ito J.
P15-976 Mid-term outcome of arthroscopic revision repair of massive and non-massive rotator cuff tears
Lädermann A. (Switzerland), Denard P., Burkhart S.
P15-1015 Ultrasound-guided percutaneous needle aspiration of rotator cuff calcifications: A new technique
Ciampi P. (Italy), Scotti C., Peretti G., Fraschini G.
P15-1025 The importance of early passive motion in shoulder rehabilitation after arthroscopic rotator cuff repair
Akme R. (Turkey), Ilkeryildiz K., Tecimel O., Bilgetekin Y., Ort Ç., Bozkurt M.
P15-1109 Intrateser and intertester reliability of the cuffmeter: new device for rotator cuff thickness measurements
Franceschi F. (Italy), Papalia R., Vasta S., Palumbo A., Maffulli N., Denaro V.
P15-1151 Effectiveness of the hyaluronic acid in the different stages of the evolutive cuff pathology: a perspective study
Busilacchi A. (Italy), Enea D., Cecconi S., Gigante A.
P15-1156 Early recovery from rotator cuff surgery may incite an increased likelihood of re-tear: compliance may be the critical issue
Haber M. (Australia)
P15-1195 The postoperative results of arthroscopic HAGL repairs for anterior shoulder instabilities
Kobayashi T. (Japan)
P15-1201 Minimally invasive coracoclavicular stabilization with double augmentation for acute acromioclavicular dislocation
Choi S. (South Korea (ROK)), Kim M., Nam K., Kang H.
P15-1204 Evaluation of current biologic carriers for mesenchymal stem cell application in rotator cuff surgery
Beitzel K. (Germany), McCarthy Mary Beth, Russell R., Edgar C., Arciero R., Mazzocca A.
P15-1215 Functional effectiveness of arthroscopic rotator cuff repair in the elderly
Antonogiannakis E. (Greece), Tsiampa Vassiliki, Arealis G., Mataragas E., Stamatakis G.
P15-1221 Folding-unfolding of the anterior shoulder capsule as an indicator of glenohumeral ligament tension: analysis of stable, unstable and frozen shoulders
Pouliart Nicole (Belgium)
P15-1230 Correlation of clinical and structural outcomes after arthroscopic rotator cuff repair with suture bridge technique
Choi S. (South Korea (ROK)), Kim G., Nam K., Kim M.
P15-1285 Simultaneous Bankart and rotator cuff repair for anterior shoulder instability with Bankart lesion and rotator cuff tear
Saji T. (Japan), Sano T., Matsuoka H.
P15-1292 Surgical treatment of chronic acromionclavicular dislocations: Comparison of two surgical techniques
Ciampi P. (Italy), Scotti C., Peretti G., Fraschini G.
P15-1322 Cost-effectiveness of rotator cuff repair surgery
von Keudell A. (United States), Higgins L., Warner J., Jain N.
P15-1329 Inter-observer reliability of the Sugaya's classification to assess structural integrity of rotator cuff after arthroscopic repair
Saccomanno Maristella (Italy), Deriu Laura, Careri Silvia, De Ieso C., Fabbriciani C., Milano G.
P15-1335 Functional outcome after arthroscopic rotator cuff repair in the elderly
Antonogiannakis M. (Greece), Tsiampa Vassiliki, Arealis G., Mataragas E., Hiotis I.
P15-1399 Throwing sport improves shoulder proprioception
Lubiatowski P. (Poland), Kaczmarek P., Wojtaszek M., Dudzinski W., Nowak M., Romanowski L.
P15-1436 The efficacy of two different patches for rotator cuff repair
Ciampi P. (Italy), Scotti C., Peretti G., Vitali M., Fraschini G.
P15-1453 Do microfractures infleuence recovery after rotator cuff repair? A randomized controlled study
Osti L. (Italy), Papalia R., Del Buono A., Maffulli N., Denaro V.
P15-1457 Glenohumeral osteoarthritis after arthroscopic Bankart repair for anterior instability
Franceschi F. (Italy), Papalia R., Del Buono A., Rizzello G., Maffulli N., Denaro V.
P15-1495 The Arthroscopic Bone Needle. A new, safe and cost-effective technique for rotator cuff repair
Haag M. (Germany), Frick H., Volz M., Stehle J.
P15-1501 Translation and cultural adaptation of the American shoulder and elbow surgeons standardised shoulder assessment form (ASES) for evaluation of shoulder function to the Turkish language
Celik D. (Turkey), Atalar A., Demirhan M., Dirican A.
P15-1517 Radiologic comparative analysis of anatomical bony reconstruction after total shoulder arthroplasty; interest of a neck osteotomy with a fixed angulation of 135° – A serie of 64 cases
Gleyze P. (France), Elkothi K., Kany J., Katz D., Sauzieres P., Valenti P.
P15-1518 Lack of active external rotation and massive cuff tear: assessment and therapeutic options: retrospective review of 20 cases
Valenti P. (France), Gleyze P., Boughebri O., Kilinc A.
P15-1520 Management of stiff shoulder: A prospective multicenter comparative study of 6 major techniques used, about 235 cases
Gleyze P. (France), Clavert P., Benkalfate T., Charousset C., Flurin P., Georges T., Hardy P., Hubert L., Joudet T., Katz D., Lafosse L., Laprelle E., Levigne C., Solignac N., Toussaint B.

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