15th ESSKA Congress
May 2-5, 2012, Geneva

Poster P18 Knee-ACL

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The deadline for submission was October 10, 2011. Notification about the results of the abstract review process will be sent out to the e-mail address of the submitter by the end of January 2012.

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P18 Knee-ACL

P18-73 Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction surgery and osteoarthritis; primary reconstructions versus revision reconstructions using allograft material
Kievit A. (Netherlands), Jonkers F., Barentsz J., Blankevoort L.
P18-90 Anatomical evaluation of quadriceps tendon: Application for the ACL graft
Iriuchishima T. (Japan), Shirakura K., Fu F.
P18-137 Analysis of tunnel widening after double-bundle ACL reconstruction with an outside-in femoral tunnel formation: a study using a remodeled MRI with a tunnel direction
Lee Beom Koo (South Korea (ROK)), Lee Y., Sim J., Kwak J., Nam S.
P18-222 Anatomy of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament related to hamstrings tendons grafts. A cadaveric study
Pujol N. (France), Boisrenoult P., Beaufils P.
P18-313 A prospective study of the association between bone bruising and intra-articular injuries associated with acute ACL tear
Bisson L. (United States), Marzo J., Kluczynski Melissa, Buyea Cathy
P18-410 ACL double bundle linked cortical-aperture tibial fixation: An in vitro biomechanical study
Nyland J. (United States), McGinnis M., Lee Yee Han D., Kibbe S., Burden R., Caborn D.
P18-435 Analysis of anterior tibial subluxation to femur at maximum extension in anterior cruciate ligament-deficient knees
Kuroda R. (Japan), Araki D., Sasaki H., Matsushita T., Kubo S., Kurosaka M.
P18-483 A biomechanical analysis of suture to tendon attachment techniques used during ligament reconstruction
Bradley B. (United Kingdom), Walter R., Isaac D., Hockings M.
P18-530 Anatomic transtibial ACL reconstruction: effect of tunnel placement, size and reamer characteristics
Verma N. (United States), Bhatia S., Korth K., Gupta Deepti, Cole B., Bach B.
P18-550 Anterior cruciate ligament injury related to physical education
Sasaki S. (Japan), Ishibashi Y., Tsuda E., Yamamoto Y., Kimura Yuka, Fujita Yuki
P18-591 Anatomic anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction with curved guides and flexible reamers. Surgical technique
Ruiz-Iban M. (Spain), Diaz Heredia J., Gomez Santos Helena, Cebreiro I., Garcia Cabezuela Patricia, Moreno Quintanilla Isabel
P18-622 Arthroscopic treatment for avulsion fracture of the anterior cruciate ligament in seven children, with the arthroscopic pull-out fixation
Ohashi Y. (Japan), Toratani T., Kosaka M., Nakase J.
P18-708 Bespoke anatomic ACL reconstruction. individualized femoral tunnel placement guided by intercondylar notch ridge anatomy – a 3D CT study
Robinson J. (United Kingdom), Porteous A.
P18-766 Autologous platelet-rich plasma promoted proliferation of synovial fluid mesenchymal stem cells in alginate hydrogel
Tang H. (Taiwan), Chen C.
P18-806 Arthroscopic primary anatomic anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction using patellar tendon autograft – a retrospective study with more than 15 years of follow-up
Mogos S. (Romania), Fayard J., Sonnery-Cottet B., Chambat P.
P18-821 Anterior cruciate ligament femoral tunnel drilling anteromedial portal: 3-Dimensional plane drill angle affects tunnel length relative to notchplasty
Hwang S. (South Korea (ROK)), Fu F.
P18-859 A new design femoral fixation device for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction – mechanical evaluation and comparison
Chen L. (Taiwan), Chen C.
P18-913 Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction using a quadriceps tendon autograft and press-fit fixation has equivalent results compared to a standard technique using semitendinosus graft – a prospective matched-pair analysis after one year
Hoeher J. (Germany), Balke M., Albers M., Helm P., Bouillon B., Akoto R.
P18-914 Anatomical ACL reconstruction – single bundle quadriceps vs. double bundle hamstring
Lee S. (South Korea (ROK)), Lee M., Lee J., Jang J., Chun S., Seong S.
P18-953 Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: Soft tissue Vs BTB
Predescu V. (Romania), Georgeanu V., Prescura C., Cristea S.
P18-974 Anatomical double bundle ACL reconstruction – transtibial versus anteromedial targeting of the femoral tunnels
Zeman P. (Czech Republic), Nepras P., Koudela K.
P18-979 Biomechanical comparison of ACL reconstruction femoral anchors using a novel test method
Hohman Jr D. (United States), Ehrensburger M., Bisson L.
P18-992 A comparison of patellatendon v. quadricepstendon in anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction – a prospective and randomized study
Lund B. (Denmark), Christiansen S., Nielsen T., Faunoe P., Lind M.
P18-1018 Acl reconstruction: clinicals results using hamstring vs. allograft
Furlan E. (Italy), Baldan Simona, Rovini A., Nardacchione R.
P18-1055 A prospective study of 100 double bundle ACL reconstructions: Our technique with hybrid fixation and its results
Goyal A. (India), Chaudhary D., Joshi D., Bahl V.
P18-1084 Anatomic anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: 3D CT analysis and clinical results of mid bundle tunnel positions determined by the‚ ruler technique'
Getgood A. (United Kingdom), Spencer S., Bird J., Carmont M., Thompson P., Spalding T.
P18-1157 Selective posterolateral bundle augmentation in ACL tears: MRI and clinical evaluation of a series of 40 patients with a mean 24 months follow-up
Sonnery-Cottet B. (France), Zayni R., Archbold P., Carillon Y., Clechet J., Chambat P.
P18-1271 ACL RI-reconstruction with fresh-frozen tendon allograft: Clinical outcomes at six years follow-up
Corradini C. (Italy), Bottiglia Amici Grossi P., Ventura A., Macchi V., Malagoli E., Verdoia C.
P18-1318 Biomechanic testing of the porcine triple bundle anterior cruciate ligament
Pinto M. (United States), Protta T., Tantisricharoenkul G., Smolinski P., Fu F.
P18-1356 A pilot study on the ability of an unloading brace to reduce the risk of ACL injury
Nicholls M. (Iceland), Briem Kristin
P18-1392 Augmentation of anterior cruciate ligament after partial tears
Iosifidis M. (Greece), Melas I., Kyriakidis T., Kyriakidis A.
P18-1422 Arthoscopic-assisted Fixation of anterior cruciate ligament avulsion (tibial eminence fractures) in adults
Fehske K. (Germany), Weißer C., Ziai P., Meffert R.
P18-1446 Anterior cruciate ligament revision reconstruction with MacIntosh procedure using the fascia lata
Arndt J. (France), Ducrot G., Londero A., Jaeger J.

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