15th ESSKA Congress
May 2-5, 2012, Geneva

Poster P19 Knee-ACL

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The deadline for submission was October 10, 2011. Notification about the results of the abstract review process will be sent out to the e-mail address of the submitter by the end of January 2012.

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P19 Knee-ACL

P19-46 Double bundle anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction; not for all; An MRI study
Tzoanos G. (Greece), Ntailiani Aikaterini, Manidakis N., Tsavalas N., Katonis P., Karantanas A.
P19-59 Double bundle anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction using bone-patellar tendon-bone and gracilis composite graft: Minimum 2 years follow-up
Tajima T. (Japan), Chosa E., Yamamoto K., Kawahara K., Yamaguchi Nami
P19-62 Chlorhexidine gluconate cleansing has no effect on the structural properties of human patellar tendon allografts
Hohman D. (United States), Sobel A., Bisson L., Jones J.
P19-75 Clinical and radiological accuracy in the diagnosis of reattached ACL ruptures
Al-Dadah O. (United Kingdom), Dhillon Ajit, Servant C.
P19-93 Biomechanical comparison of tibial eminence fracture fixation with high-strength suture, endobutton, and suture anchor
Hapa O. (Turkey), Barber A., Ozden R., Bozdag E., Sunbuloglu E., Dogramaci Y.
P19-114 Comparison of tunnel placements and clinical results of single-bundle anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction before and after starting the use of double-bundle technique
Suomalainen Piia (Finland), Moisala Anna-Stina, Paakkala A., Kannus P., Järvelä T.
P19-117 Correlation between tibial guidewire position on intraoperative X-ray and intraoperative tibial bone tunnel communication in double-bundle anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction
Hara Y. (Japan), Tomihara T., Yoshida G., Hashimoto Y., Shimada N.
P19-134 Comparison of tunnel locations of double bundle ACL reconstruction created by conventional transtibial technique with anatomic tunnel locations using a 3-D CT model
Lee Beom Koo (South Korea (ROK)), Lee Y., Sim J., Kwak J., Nam S.
P19-136 Comparative analysis of femoral tunnels between outside-in and transtibial double bundle ACL reconstruction: A 3-dimensional computed tomography study
Lee Beom Koo (South Korea (ROK)), Lee Y., Sim J., Kwak J., Nam S.
P19-159 Determining factors influencing the angle between the intra-articular part of an ACL graft and the tibial tunnel: A pilot study
Van der Bracht H. (Belgium), Stuyts B., Page B., Bellemans J., Verdonk P.
P19-176 Double bundle reconstruction of anterior cruciate ligament with a femoral fixation device
Hiranaka T. (Japan)
P19-246 Comparison of femoral bone tunnel communication after ACL double bundle reconstruction: Outside-in vs inside-out technique
Tomihara T. (Japan), Yoshida G., Hara Y., Taniuchi M., Shimada N.
P19-268 Complex regional pain syndrome type I post reconstruction of anterior cruciate ligament – treatment with percutaneous radiofrequency
Santos Assis de Melo N. (Brazil), Dias Assis F., de Oliveira Neri I., Pidner Neto H., Santos Duarte Lana J.
P19-279 CT and MRI controlled prospective evaluation of bovine bone interference screws for ACL-reconstruction using BPTB-graft
Tecklenburg Katja (Germany), Burkart P., Friederich N., Fink C.
P19-317 Effect of gamma radiation and freeze drying on the maximum tensile strength of the Demineralised Cortical Bone
Elnikety S. (United Kingdom), Bendegrass Catherine, Blunn G.
P19-323 Computer-assisted navigation for acl reconstruction: a randomized comparative study between the performance of the femoral tunnel in a transtibial or anteromedial way
Minguell J. (Spain), Castellet E., Cortina J., Nardi J., Caceres E., Carrera L.
P19-330 Comparison of clinical results according to amount of remnant in anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction using anterior tibialis tendon allograft
Lee S. (South Korea (ROK)), Lee J., Choi C.
P19-337 CT scan evaluation of the tunnel positionning in ACL reconstruction using an "Outside in" femoral guide with reversed arthroscopic portals and an ACL tibial stump preserving procedure
Buscayret F. (France), Sonnery-Cottet B., Barth J., Graveleau N., Chambat P.
P19-385 Double-bundle versus single-bundle ACL reconstruction: prospective, randomized study with 5-year clinical results
Suomalainen Piia (Finland), Järvelä T., Järvinen M.
P19-493 Comparison of femoral graft bending angle and tunnel length between transtibial technique and transportal technique in anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: an in vivo Imaging analysis using three dimensional-computed tomography (3D-CT)
Wang J. (South Korea (ROK)), Kim J., Lim H., Ahn J., Kim H., Bae J.
P19-511 Development of a virtual three-dimensional kinematic model of the human knee joint
Rochcongar G. (France), Geais L., Potel J., Beaufils P., Hulet C., Seil R.
P19-524 Clinical outcome after oval revision ACL reconstruction surgery using autologous hamstring tendon grafts
Pütz O. (Germany), Schäferhoff P., Klein P., Böttenberg B., Säugling M., Dewitz H.
P19-527 Comparison of tunnel widening after single-bundle and anatomic double-bundle ACL reconstruction
Achtnich Andrea (Germany), Forkel P., Metzlaff S., Lopez Hänninen E., Petersen W.
P19-541 Clinical and functional outcomes after an accelerated rehabilitation program following single-bundle ACL reconstruction with hamstring autograft
Hernan Prado M. (Spain), Diez Ramos Maria Fuencisla, Perez Moro Olga Susana, Llopis Miró R.
P19-562 Does pressfit technique reduce femoral tunnel enlargement in ACL reconstructionusing autologous hamstring tendons? A prospective randomized CT study
Nha K. (South Korea (ROK)), Kim J., Kwon J., Lee H., Jang B.
P19-571 Bundle specific injury patterns of anterior cruciate ligament: value of MR imaging
Choi J. (South Korea (ROK)), Chang C., Chang M., Kim T.
P19-602 Changes in bone tunnels in flexion MR imaging during the early postoperative period after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction
Nakase J. (Japan), Kitaoka K., Toratani T., Kosaka M., Ohashi Y., Tsuchiya H.
P19-715 Bone density comparison at the femoral attachment in the acute and chronic anterior cruciate ligament injured knee
Yamasaki S. (Japan), Hashimoto Y., Takigami J., Nakamura H.
P19-782 Defining chronicity in an ACL deficient knee: When is a knee with an acutely torn ACL no longer "acute"?
Kaeding C. (United States), Pedroza Angela, Flanigan D.
P19-842 Bone tunnel enlargement following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction with hamstrings tendons. A comparative study of three different techniques
Apostolopoulos I. (Greece), Tsolos I., Andreakos A., Tsiplakou Sofia, Staikidou Ioanna, Giannikouris G.
P19-881 Differences between awake and anesthetized patients in knee kinematics during the pivot-shift test for anterior cruciate ligament deficiency
Oka S. (Japan), Kuroda R., Matsushita T., Kubo S., Nagamune K., Kurosaka M.
P19-917 Degenerative changes after ACL reconstruction in relation to tunnel position
van Dijck R. (Netherlands), Saris D., van Ommeren J., Enneking T., Fievez A.
P19-984 Comparisons of static and dynamic tibial translation between children and adults and between sexes
Tagesson Sofi (Sweden), Witvrouw E., Hesar Narmin, Kvist Joanna
P19-1004 Comparative study of double bundle techniques used in ACL reconstruction
Maestro A. (Spain), Fernandez Lombardia J., Guerrero A., Jorge J., Rodriguez L.
P19-1008 Comparative study of femoral fragility after SB or DB techniques used in ACL reconstruction
Maestro A. (Spain), Fernandez Lombardia J., Guerrero A., Jorge J., Rodriguez L.
P19-1019 Clinical outcome measures in anterior cruciate ligament surgery: Clinician vs patient completed knee scores
Al-Dadah O. (United Kingdom), Shepstone L., Donell S.
P19-1139 Carioca and co-contraction tests can be effective predictors of returning to sports after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction
Jang S. (South Korea (ROK)), Kim J., Ha J.
P19-1146 Correlation between remnant type of the ACL and proprioception in the knee
Mammoto T. (Japan), Hirano A.
P19-1155 Bone-patella-tendon-bone autografts vs iliotibial band autograft for ACL-reconstruction: a 15-year follow-up of a prospective randomized controlled trial
Hölmich P. (Denmark), Stensbirk F., Thorborg K., Konradsen L.
P19-1162 Biomechanical insights of a standardized pivot-shift maneuver: An in-vitro multi-tester study
Lopomo N. (Italy), Musahl V., Hoshino Y., Ahldén M., Fu F., Zaffagnini S.
P19-1259 Comparison of ST/G and BPTB grafts in ACL reconstruction, results from the Danish registry of knee ligament reconstruction
Wagner Lene (Denmark), Thillemann T., Pedersen Alma, Lind M.
P19-1317 Can the single leg hop test identify neuromuscular and biomechanical asymmetries in ACL reconstructed patients?
Xergia Sofia (Greece), Pappas E., Zampeli Franceska, Georgiou S., Georgoulis A.
P19-1364 Double bundle three tunnels ACL reconstruction
Maestro A. (Spain), Fernandez Lombardia J., Rodriguez L., Garcia P., Meana Ana Rosa
P19-1421 Double-bundle anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: a comparative cadaver study of femoral tunnels performed with in-out and out-in techniques
Ronga M. (Italy), Punzetto P., Callegari L., Genovese E., Fu F., Pederzini L.
P19-1461 Can bone dowel prevent tibial tunnel enlargement in ACL reconstruction?
Silva A. (Portugal), Sampaio R.
P19-1507 Clinical and radiological outcome of a simple and innovative technique for arthroscopic tibial spine avulsion fixation
Pandey V. (India), Acharya K., Sripathi Rao P., Rao S.

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