15th ESSKA Congress
May 2-5, 2012, Geneva

Poster P29 Knee-Osteotomy

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The deadline for submission was October 10, 2011. Notification about the results of the abstract review process will be sent out to the e-mail address of the submitter by the end of January 2012.

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P29 Knee-Osteotomy

P29-4 A "safe zone" in medial open wedge high tibia osteotomyto prevent lateral cortex fracture
Nha K. (South Korea (ROK)), Han S., Lee D., Wang K., Lee H.
P29-77 The effect of medial opening and lateral closing high tibial osteotomy on leg length
Servien Elvire (France), Lustig S., Demey G., Neyret P.
P29-125 The role of high tibial osteotomy with ACL reconstruction in ACL-deficient varus knees with medial compartment OA: Systematic review
Anand A. (United Kingdom), Patel A., Anand B.
P29-370 How much is the tibial width in a high tibial osteotomy important?
León Muñoz V. (Spain), Lisón Almagro A., Martínez Bravo Inmaculada, Ruiz Maciá D., Caiguelas Villa F.
P29-445 Femoral opening wedge osteotomy for valgus knees. A prospective study with 5 years follow-up
Ekeland A. (Norway), Nerhus K., Dimmen S., Heir S.
P29-447 Tibial opening wedge osteotomy for varus knees. A prospective study with 5 years follow-up
Ekeland A. (Norway), Nerhus K., Dimmen S., Heir S.
P29-555 Dome osteotomy with dome stabilizer – a patient friendly procedure
Kodkani P. (India)
P29-589 Medial opening wedge high tibial osteotomy (OWHTO) for medial compartment overload/arthritis in the varus knee
Bonasia D. (Italy) Rossi R., Dettoni F., Castoldi F., Blonna D., Sito G.
P29-649 The use of toothed plate in supracondylar femoral osteotomy to correct genu valgum
Abdel-Hamid M. (Egypt)
P29-758 Simultaneous anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction and medial opening wedge high tibial osteotomy (OWHTO).
Cox G. (United Kingdom), Thomas N., Wilson A.
P29-759 Osteotomy around the knee & its effect on joint line obliquity at the ankle – a radiographic study
Cox G. (United Kingdom), Robin E., Thomas N., Wilson A.
P29-819 The weight-bearing scanogram technique provides better coronal limb alignment than the navigation technique in open high tibial osteotomy
Kim J. (South Korea (ROK)), Nha K., Kwon J., Lee H., Jang B.
P29-959 Outcome of Distal femoral osteotomy – A surgeon's experience!
Desai A. (United Kingdom), Dawson M.
P29-1244 Wedge volume and osteotomy surface depend on surgical technique for high tibial osteotomy
Pape D. (Luxembourg), Dueck K., Haag M., Lorbach O., Seil R., Madry H.
P29-1411 Clinical and radiological results of medial gonarthrosis treated with high tibial osteotmy
Stegemann N. (Turkey), Erdogan F., Can A., Sankaya I.

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