15th ESSKA Congress
May 2-5, 2012, Geneva

Poster P32 Knee-Total Joint Replacement

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The deadline for submission was October 10, 2011. Notification about the results of the abstract review process will be sent out to the e-mail address of the submitter by the end of January 2012.

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P32 Knee-Total Joint Replacement

P32-37 Outcomes in the elderly following total knee arthroplasty
Miyamoto S. (Japan), Kosugi M., Sasaki S., Kojin H., Suga J., Hamahata T.
P32-76 Residual varus alignment does not compromise results of TKAs in patients with preoperative varus
Servien Elvire (France), Magnussen R., Lustig S., Demey G., Neyret P.
P32-83 The accuracy of lower extremity alignment in total knee arthroplasty using navigation system – data analysis of 661 cases
Park H. (South Korea (ROK)), Lee J.
P32-109 Outcomes of unicondylar knee athroplasty in patients with severe deformity – A minimum 2 year follow up study
Seng C. (Singapore), Ho D., Chin P., Lo N., Chia S., Yeo S.
P32-143 Oxford knee questionnaire. Is information identically informative before and after knee replacement?
Schoenahl J. (France), Jenny J., Louis P.
P32-173 Targeted thromboprophylaxis in knee arthroplasty – an audit of 5544 patients
Cox G. (United Kingdom), Pearce Andrea, Britton J., Thomas N., Wilson A., Rossiter N.
P32-200 Physical activity and outcomes thirty months after revision total knee replacement
Núñez Montserrat (Spain), Nuñez Esther, Sastre S., Lozano L., Segur J., Sauló Anna
P32-275 Patellar tilt and thickness in a high-flex design total knee arthroplasty – do they influence the postoperative flexion?
Verdonk P. (Belgium), Dhollander A., Bassens D., Victor J.
P32-368 The relationship between the posterior condylar offset and the flexion balance in TKA
León Muñoz V. (Spain), Lisón Almagro A., González Garro J.
P32-369 The influence of the instrumentation system in the postoperative posterior condylar offset of TKA
León Muñoz V. (Spain), Lisón Almagro A., Escámez Pérez Á., González Garro J.
P32-387 Unicompartmental knee replacement. Mid-term results with ZUK prosthesis
Schiavone Panni A. (Italy), Vasso M., Cerciello S., Felici A.
P32-423 Vitamin C plasma values reduced after orthopaedic surgical intervention in patients with total knee arthroplasty and prosthesis revision operation
Lengnick H. (Switzerland), Giesinger K., Kuster M., Behrend H.
P32-428 Patellar height after reconstruction of the extensor mechanism with allograft in total knee arthroplasty
Valentí A. (Spain), Llombart R., Diaz de Rada P., Mora G., Valentí J.
P32-497 Use of Tantalum in total knee arthroplasty in severe and morbidly obese patients (BMI> 35kg/m2)
Lozano L. (Spain), Popescu D., Sastre S., Segur J., Martinez-Pastor J., Macule F.
P32-535 Posterior condylar offset and tibiofemoral contact point do not influence outcome and range of motion in a mobile bearing total knee arthroplasty
Hesterbeek Petra (Netherlands), Geysen G., van Stralen G., Anderson P.G., Wymenga A.
P32-705 Problems, obstacles and complications in more than 800 computer assisted knee arthroplsties
Confalonieri N. (Italy), Manzotti A.
P32-778 Unicompartmental knee resurfacing vs. segmental bicompartmental knee resurfacing vs. total knee arthroplasty: A comparison of clinical outcomes at 2 years follow-up
Al-Dadah O. (United Kingdom), Hawes Georgina, Chapman-Sheath P., Tice J., Barrett D.
P32-811 Semimembranosus release as second stage of soft tissue balancing in varus total knee arthroplasty
In Y. (South Korea (ROK))
P32-849 'Two radius area contact' – posterior stabilized total knee arthroplasty. Short and long term results
Verdoodt An (Belgium), Casteleyn P.
P32-887 Patient-specific cutting block in TKR: comparison between CT and MRI 3D planning
Messerli G. (Switzerland), Fritschy D.
P32-895 Periprosthetic fractures of the distal femur – results of operative treatment in a single center
Lempainen L. (Finland), Leino O., Mokka J., Seppanen M., Virolainen P., Makela K.
P32-904 Radiological evaluation of 226 consecutive journey knee replacements – conventional versus computer navigated surgery
Christen B. (Switzerland), Rieger B., Aghayev E., Neukamp Michal Sarah
P32-936 Retrograde femoral nailing of periprosthetic femoral fractures after total knee joint endoprosthesis replacement
Fechner A. (Germany), Meyer O., Godolias G.
P32-983 Unicompartmental knee arthroplasty for spontaneous osteonecrosis of the knee: 10-years survivorship and long term clinical results
Bruni D. (Italy), Iacono F., Raspugli G., lo Presti M., Zaffagnini S., Marcacci M.
P32-1051 One-stage versus two-stage bilateral unicompartmental knee arthroplasty: A comparison of post-operative complications and functional outcome
Chen J. (Singapore), Lo N., Yeo S.
P32-1057 The reliability and accuracy of knee implants sizing predicted by digital templating
Zadoroznijs S. (Latvia)
P32-1081 Testing high performance after knee arthroplasty:
a new objective functional score
Baldini A. (Italy), Manfredini L., Ceruli Mariani P., Pisaneschi A.
P32-1092 Total joint replacement in the past does not relate to a deteriorated functional level and health status in the oldest old
Verra W. (Netherlands), de Craen A., Jaspars C., Maier Andrea, Nelissen R.
P32-1118 Utilisation of finite element analysis to predict elevated bone metabolic activity in patients with painful total knee arthroplasty
Keller R. (United Kingdom), Hirschmann M., Friederich N., Hansen U., Amis A.
P32-1147 Usefulness of medial tibial condylar resection in total knee arthroplasty
Cho S. (South Korea (ROK)), Youm Y., Eo J., Lee K.
P32-1194 Preoperative assisted navigation for total knee arthroplasty (TKA): Preliminary results
Sansone V. (Italy), Ursino N., Bonora Cristina
P32-1237 Should the presence of menisci be considered when measuring the posterior tibial slope in total knee arthroplasty?
Cinotti G. (Italy), Sessa P., Ripani Francesca Romana, Della Rocca A., Salustri W.
P32-1257 Quadriceps inhibition and physical function after unilateral total knee arthroplasty
Alnahdi A. (United States), Zeni J., Snyder-Mackler Lynn
P32-1330 The relationship of joint line and flexion/extension axes of the knee to the mechanical axis in the coronal plane
Streicher R. (Switzerland), D'Alessio J., Patel Amisha, Kester M., Jacofski D.
P32-1347 Periprosthetic fractures following total knee replacement.
A 17 cases review
Ares O. (Spain), Prat S., Carreño Ana, Camacho Pilar, Garcia R., Zumbado A.
P32-1489 Novel antomical landmark for rotational alignment of tibial component in TKA
Seo S. (South Korea (ROK)), Kim C., Kim Y., Jung D.
P32-1497 Rehabilitation after Total Knee Arthroplasty – an evaluation of different regimes
Radtke Kerstin (Germany), Stukenborg-Colsman Christina, Thomson M., Virolainen P., Guerado E., Hinarejos P.
P32-1502 Two-stage revision of infected total knee arthroplasty: Mid-term results
Celik D. (Turkey), Kilicoglu Ö., Tözün R., Yazicioglu Ö.
P32-1503 Two-stage revision of infected total hip arthroplasty: Mid-term results
Celik D. (Turkey), Cil Hilal, Kilicoglu Ö., Yazicioglu Ö., Tözün R., Gülenc B.
P32-1505 Prospective comparison of tensioned gaps versus posterior condylar referencing in determining femoral component rotation in TKA
Luyckx T. (Belgium), Victor J., Peeters T., Vandenneucker Hilde, Bellemans J.
P32-1512 Ten year survival after unicompartmental knee arthroplasty
Bontemps G. (Germany), Schlüter-Brust K.
P32-1516 Medial unicompartmental arthroplasty with a mobile bearing implant: Clinical and radiographic results of 463 knees at a Canadian center
Burnett R. (Canada), Nair R., Jacks D., Hall Christine, McAllister Megan

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